Overriding Fear of Success

Fear of success is common, but most of us don’t recognise it and ascribe it to fear of failure. It is much easier to handle failure than success. If you fail you lick your wounds and go off in a different direction. Quite quickly you and your failure are forgotten. But success brings with it continued attention, expectations of more and brighter brilliance, and responsibility, perhaps for others beside yourself. Each success brings more attention, more expectation of improving by topping your last success and therefore more responsibility.

Taking Action in the Face of Your Fears

Take back your personal power – pick up that responsibility for your life and living again – and turn things around for you. Because when you turn things around in your own experience, it starts a tidal wave of change in those around you.

Overcoming Fear of Criticism

Anytime you try to make your mark, you will attract erasers. If you only do things nobody can fault, you will never accomplish much, even worse if you fail to overcome fear of criticism you will not even get started, a fear may have been eased by not facing it but will something have died inside of you? If you don’t do something because of the fear of criticism then they, who ever they may be have won and you do not have to overcome anything.

Turn Discouragement Into Determination To Succeed At A Home Based Business

There are a lot of important words (both good and bad) in the home based business industry which begin with the letter D. Some of the good words which are helpful in building a business are: determine and determination, dedication, diligence, deeds, and devotion. Some of the bad words which need to be removed and/or controlled are: discouragement, depression, despair, despondency, derelict, dejection, downturn, doubt, decline, delinquent, and demise. It is important to work on the good words and eliminate the bad in order to find success in this field.

Determination to be a success and true dedication to your goals are requirements in order to earn money at a home based business. It takes a great deal of diligence and devotion to make the business work.

Hard work and dedication to one’s goals can help erase the doubts and fear of discouragement which is a problem for many who start a business of any type when success is not quick in coming. Winning and eventually earning money through a home based business means staying focused and determined to succeed.

What fears about starting your own business did you have when you started? How did you overcome them? Please comment below and share with us.