As you know from Part 1 – auto responders increase sales, but many people don’t know how to write the message properly – so don’t let this hold you back from increasing your sales, follow these 4 simple steps to write the perfect message.

  1. Introduce your product
  2. Pull the reader in
  3. Explain your product, what it is all about – why THEY need it
  4. Point them in the right direction – tell them HOW to buy it.

Tell you reader why they need your product, what does it do? What can it do for them? And give an explanation of your product, but keep it short, simple and clear.

You need to convince your reader that your e-mail is interesting and it IS worth reading, you can achieve this by making your first two sentences interesting, use bold font to draw attention to key words.

Explain why the product is perfect for them, what they can achieve or do with your product – keep this section a little longer suggest other uses for your product and clearly explain how they can benefit from this product, what makes it stand out from the rest?

Your reader has got this far, they are now curious – you’ve told them why they need it, why it’s perfect for them – now make the sale! Direct your reader to your site or page where they can make a purchase *Click here to purchase…* or *buy now*

Keep an eye on your continuity – to keep customers familiar with you and your product always start and end your e-mails the same way – tell them who you are, why you are emailing them. You can achieve this with a simple line stating *Last week you contacted us about..*. Always end your e-mails with your contact information and an option for them to *opt-out* of receiving further e-mails from you.

Structuring a follow up series – firstly you need to be able to write compelling follow up e-mails

  1. What are the benefits of your product or service? In about 500 words tell your reader what you can offer and why they should choose you.
  2. In your second message explain why they need your product and service and what it – or you can do for them – how you can meet their needs
  3. In your third message explain how the reader can use your product; is there more than one use?
  4. In your forth message customise your message – offer a customer survey for them to complete, if you have a physical store invite them to pop over to receive a free gift or discount include directions how to get there! Send a short bio on yourself or the business.
  5. Does your reader have any comments or questions, would they like to ask anything about the product or service.
  6. Testimonials are a great way to *show off* your satisfied customers – list the best testimonials here, especially any quotes of people who were excited about your product – *I’m thrilled* *It worked better than I thought*
  7. Use your last email to remind the reader about your products and features and throw in a few testimonials