Simply put an e-mail auto-responder is an e-mail programme that can automatically send emails at any time to a scheduled number of e-mail addresses.

Why do I need one? Auto responders are the perfect way to send emails to a whole group of people on your e-mail list, instead of needing to sit down and write to each person individually. what-is-an-Email-Autoresponder

If you are in business you can use them to * send a follow up e-mail to customers. * Schedule set e-mails to be sent at specific days and times, * send different e-mails to customers based on their specific needs, * Basic sales, * Share information.

Auto responders are used by webmasters and internet marketers to make sure their visitors or customers get a quick reply allowing customers to know they are being heard. You can also use an auto responder to build on your customer email list, follow up with clients and provide customer support.

With a great auto responder added to your blog or website you will increase traffic by making your visitors satisfied. Just like a physical shop you want to build a good rapport with your customers to keep them coming back time and time again and for any online business it is important to build an email list – those who have willingly given their e-mail address and who wish to be contacted with special offers and promotions.

When do I use an auto responder? If you have a product to sell that is a little complicated, it covers multiple benefits or consists of different products. Using an auto responder here gives you more time to explain your product or business, or you may simply like to give customers a chance to *come up with* the money they would need to go ahead with a purchase. You just provide a little more information on the benefits of your product and direct them to your website to make a purchase or to learn more.

When not to use an auto responder – In general if you have just a single product to sell, that just isn’t very complicated and you only need to send a small amount of information don’t use an auto responder simply direct the customer to your site.

I have an auto responder – what do I say? * Thank the customer for signing up to your list, * If you have offered a free gift, make sure you send it off quickly, * Always be polite! Let your customer know you are pleased to be sharing your product and knowledge with them, * Confirm they DO want to be a subscriber, have them confirm their e-mail address or give them the chance to opt out, * If you haven’t already offered a bonus – consider throwing one in.

How to put an auto responder to work for you. Research proves that people like to be *exposed* to your service or product and while your website helps, sending automatic *follow up* emails brings customers back. Auto responder e-mails help increase sales – but the best thing about an auto responder is – once you have set it up you don’t need to do anything else, it takes care of itself and will generate e-mails any time of the day or night – 7 days a week.