All too often businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars organising a make-it-or-break-it company event designed to celebrate a company milestone and/or impress prospective customers.

Sometimes these events have big contracts or sales at stake! Yet, often planners will fall short on the most critical aspect of planning the event–the invitations! After all, before a client steps foot into your venue, or even confirms attendance, the invitation sets the tone and leaves the first and most important (and lasting!) impression!

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Why your business needs custom invitations

Each year companies and businesses spend thousands of dollars on company events to celebrate a product launch, grand opening or other milestone event, while some of these events might mean a big contract or are a way of bringing in investors, the biggest problem isn’t your event, it’s your invitations!

While lots of time, care, thought and consideration are put into the planning, event hire, menu, the food, wait staff and even decorations, the one item everyone overlooks is – the invitation. Take one minute to think about it…… before your client, customer or associate even sets foot in the door, the invitation has arrived, it’s the very first thing they see…… don’t you want to make that first impression a GREAT impression?

Let’s take a look – here are 10 reasons why your business needs custom invitations

Read on, it could mean thousands of dollars for your business

  1. Create a buzz – you need to create excitement in your event, your invitation has to make people want to come along – the more memorable your invitation is the more chance the guests will want to come, and if they want to come they are more likely to accept your invitation over another’s. While the event itself might be *boring* you can make it look and sound more exciting than it actually is with an exciting custom designed invitation.
  2. Look professional – don’t worry about the details, by handing your invitations over to a custom designer it gives you time to work on the event itself – after all haven’t you got better things to do with your time than deal with designing invitations? Your designer knows what they are doing and can give guidance on fonts and formats, colours, papers and so much more. Once you get started you can be confident that you’ve made the right decision.
  3. Put yourself ahead of your competition – if you haven’t sent out custom invitations before – it’s time you did, because chances are your competition is sending out custom designed invitations already. More and more business’s these days are using custom invitations to give them that edge and to help them stand out against the competition.
  4. Build a relationship with your designer – if you take time to develop a one on one relationship with your custom invitation designer you’ll save money, time and stress. Once you get to know each other your designer will know what you like and will be able to design the perfect custom invitation for you every time. This lessens the chance of any miss-communication along the way.
  5. Image is everything – if you mail out a stack of flimsy looking self printed invitations, it leaves an impression – the wrong one. If you send out elegant shimmering silver invitations with your logo on the front using thick card with strong straight edges, you will give your guests a completely different impression. Which impression do you want to make?
  6. Look modern and trendy – your invitation gives you the chance to make a statement about your company – so use this opportunity and make the most of that statement. Use your company logo and colours, quality card and a custom design and make sure your invitation gets noticed!
  7. Career move – your custom invitations might not only get you noticed by guests, but by upper management. If you have been given the role of sorting out invitations, think of it as way to get yourself noticed within the company.
  8. Custom invitations last the distance – the invitation you choose represents your business not only before the event but during and after it as well. This is better than a newspaper ad, the guest needs to respond to the invitation, and they must read it and will need to keep hold of it – for the event details at least up till the event date.
  9. The Ubiquitous Factor – an amazing custom invitation gets noticed – everywhere. Invitations get pinned up on notice boards, in lunch rooms, staff fridges, offices and it might need to be passed around the office. There is only one way you can get an amazing custom invitation and that is through a custom designer!
  10. Invitations are just the beginning – Custom invitation designers are there to help you make the right choices, but they go further than custom invitations. Our designer can help with announcement cards, change of address cards and so much more. Think of your custom invitation designer as a *one stop shop* for all your printing needs.

Have an event coming up? Contact us today for your custom invitations!