Your Virtual PA can assist your in getting your Membership website up quickly. Making money online by creating a membership website – when done right – is a great way to earn a passive income.

What is a membership website?

A membership website is a site that is developed to provide continuous access to specific information or services, and in most cases has a regular fee associated with accessing that content.

Creating a Membership Website is a good business model

Time and time again, our clients come to us with this fantastic content, that is simply wasting away. We help to implement systems and processes to feed this information to their clients, in turn helping our clients get paid to turn their hobby, specialised knowledge, or profession into a membership web site.

Get Your Membership Site Now

Using the latest Membership plugins and the powerful WordPress platform, we can create premium website for your business, offering premium content for paying members of your online community. Membership sites allow you to increase your revenue, however more importantly, they allow you to create an exclusive online community for your business, interact with selective groups of your customers and provide instant support and products they need.

Just as an example, if you charge just $20 / month for a membership fee and have 200 members, you will be making a steady $4000 / month!

How great does that sound?

We can design a website for your business, with an attractive and functional look and feel, within your budget and with your ideas and vision in mind.

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