It is possible to make more money by delegating some of your work to other people, especially those who charge less than you do. This will also allow you to get more done, of course there is the other aspect to delegating – to be able to pass along the work you don’t like doing, most importantly there is quite a financial benefit to delegating that work too!

Most business owners really love the work they do – they wouldn’t be doing it otherwise, and there are so many rewarding aspects to owning and running your own business, but, there are aspects to starting or running your own business that you won’t like.

Perhaps you enjoy being a coach, but you don’t like to handle the accounting side of things, or you are an accountant who would prefer not to have to deal with the artistic side of the business. At the end of the day running your own business – for the most part – is fun, but there are and will be times that jobs come up you just really don’t enjoy.

Of course we do all this because we feel we have to take the good with the bad – but you know one thing? We DON’T have to!

Never Again!

A simple way to get rid of the things we don’t want to do is to delegate, but for some business owners they find it hard to hire a Virtual Assistant to delegate work to simply because it’s a new concept, it’s something they have never heard of before or dealt with before. Delegating the jobs you don’t want to do is one of our top recommendations.

It’s simple – when you get rid of the work you DON’T like to do it changes everything. Where once you were enjoying a 6 hour work day, you find you have another 2 hours to fill – so rather than enjoying 75% of your time at work; you can enjoy the whole 100% of your day.

Don’t forget with that extra 2 hours you can take on more work and make more money – who doesn’t like that!

Consider the following example Sarah is an accountant – she loves her work, *crunching numbers* is her passion, she hates that she has to spend 2 hours of her day on marketing. She does realise that marketing is an important part of her business and it needs to be done, but if she can delegate that job to someone else she can now enjoy 2 extra hours, and by paying someone less to do the marketing work she is saving herself money. She is also able to make more money by spending those 2 hours as an accountant and being able to see more clients during the day.

More Benefits!

When you spend time delaying the inevitable and putting off the work you don’t like to do – how many of you have looked at a scheduled job on your calendar and thought – *I don’t really want to do that now*, so you put it off till another day, the bottom line is it NEEDS TO GET DONE, so by delegating the job to someone else you are free to do something else, from tackling another project, to sorting through some files, getting the office in order or just spending time on FaceBook.

When you get the jobs out of the way that you don’t want to do you’ll find you get far more accomplished and when you are running your own business, getting more work done that helps improve your business is the main thing.

Take Action!

This is the easy part! Make a list of the jobs you don’t like to do, be honest with yourself and don’t feel guilty if there are jobs you still feel you should do, even if you don’t like it. This is an honest list of the tasks you don’t want to do. If you think you can’t find anything to delegate to someone else – look at your list. It’s not a *To Do* list it’s now a *Delegate* list.


You do remember the time when you used to enjoy ALL your work – well you can again!