How many times have you heard someone say – *I can delegate jobs, but I am still flooded with work that I just can’t delegate*
Sadly most entrepreneurs feel that projects that are valuable or complex can’t be given to someone further down the line.

Look at your projects

While those complex jobs are valuable to your business – you can still delegate these tasks to another member of your staff. While you might think you are better skilled and can complete the project faster the question is do you have the time to do the task, and do it properly?

Never schedule complex projects into your calendar as a single item, complex projects take time and this is a problem many business people and entrepreneurs face when they schedule a complex project to be completed in an unattainable time frame. People forget that while the project on the surface sounds simple it is complex and will take time, look at what needs to be done and delegate all or some of it to a lower paid staff member. Remember even if a project looks like it can’t be delegated to someone else – it probably still can be you just need to break it down and delegate it, you’ll be amazed how much time you free up for yourself.

Compile a list

The best thing to do when faced with a complex project is to pull it apart and write a list – not a list of the project but a list of the details, everything that needs to be done….

For example, you have decided to write an e-book, your list might start off like this

Now you need to look at your detailed list and ascertain what sections of this project you will need to complete yourself, and what areas can be delegated (for example – the research). When you pull a project apart – no matter how complex it seems – you will ALWAYS find tasks you can delegate to others. The bottom line is that now your complex project can be completed faster because you have delegated the work elsewhere.

Take Action!

Get some of your complex projects that you feel you can’t delegate and compile your list – this list could be anything from a dozen to a hundred steps long and don’t forget to allow for following things up and *waiting times* too. Review the list and highlight the jobs you feel you don’t *have* to do yourself – you can now delegate those jobs to other staff members.


By delegating jobs to other staff you will find yourself earning more money as you’ll be finishing projects faster and be able to take on more work.