It’s so easy to lose sight of the big picture when you spend all your time worrying about the next project, you need to delegate jobs to build your business AND make your business a success.

How do you make your business even MORE successful?

Take delegating to the next level

How do you do this? It’s easy really – you need to choose your Virtual Assistant wisely and if you get it right – they’ll do a great job for you! For example Virtual Personal Assistants or Admins are highly trained so you need to ensure they have what YOU need to get the job done.

What happens if you need more jobs completed? Or you need a project completed faster this time? What happens if you have more jobs come in than you can handle? – This is when you have to take your delegating to the next level.

Just ask you Virtual PA what they like to do and what other skills they have.

For example – Joan runs a freelance graphics design business and she has hired a VPA to do some administration and marketing work – this work is fairly basic and consists of sending proposals to companies recommending they hire Joan as their graphic designer. Joan’s business is doing great and she wants to take things to the next level so, out of curiosity she asked her VPA – what other kind of work can you do?

The VPA replied that she can design and create newsletters which started Joan thinking – could she use a newsletter as another way to showcase her talents to clients and prospective clients? This could be a different way to stay in touch and keep ongoing contact with her clients. Joan had her VPA design a proposal outlining the costs, how long it would take to get up and running and what any possibilities were – within the week Joan was sending out her newsletters.

This was a victory for the VPA and for Joan, the VPA provided a service she excelled at and Joan found a new way to expand her business. Her VPA liked being asked and while VPA’s always give 100% when they know they are appreciated and can do something they are really good at they go that extra mile.

This is the perfect way to take delegation to the next level as it gives your VPA the chance to complete work in a set time frame and this is always good for your business.

Take action!

Just find out what your VPA likes to do and work out if those skills can help your business. Don’t worry if those skills can’t help you now they might be helpful later so make notes! It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t use your VPA’s skills – she’ll just be happy you asked!


A happy employee is a good employee to have and we all give that little bit more of ourselves when we are doing something we love.