You want to grow your business and you want to achieve success and now we’ll look at achieving the delegation success you’ve been looking for.

Think about it….

Sitting on a gorgeous beach, soaking up the sun and surrounded by your family, it’s the life isn’t it? While that scenario might not be for you, you still want a relaxed and carefree life. Through delegation you CAN have THAT lifestyle.
Hopefully you followed our advice and gave up some of your administration work bit by bit and you saved the marketing and sales work for yourself. Hopefully you soon started delegating a little of the sales and a little of the marketing and saved the income generating work for yourself. Eventually you delegated the sales and marketing work keeping the income generating work for yourself.

By now you probably have more than one Virtual Personal Assistant and you’ve started delegating some of the income generating work as well. Your VPA’s are doing almost all your work so now you just problem solve when there is an issue or perhaps you do some strategising BUT you are still managing your business, while you might not consider it a *task* it is.

Managing your business includes managing the work you’ve delegated, emailing for updates, checking on tasks, keeping everything flowing and running smoothly. You are actually juggling the tasks, keeping everything moving – did you know you can delegate this part of your business management too!

Work with your VPA so she’s doing the juggling for you – finally you are delegating your delegating! This will be the biggest and last type of delegation you’ll ever do and you will love the benefits this brings.

Of course it depends on the type of business you run, a consulting business might need more attention from the business owner than an e-commerce business, so by using a VPA as a business manager you’ll minimise the amount of time you need to spend on your business while at the same time maximising the amount of time you have left to do what you must do.

We have a business owner who does this, he contracts work out to others while he runs the business. His jobs come through online and he simply sends the tasks to his team of VPA’s – they do his invoicing, customer service and also marketing. Our business owner is there to problem solve and has used his spare time to start a second business – his goal is to start a 3rd business and perhaps even a 4th!

What you need to do!

Keep track of what you do, it doesn’t matter if you are not near this level yet if you keep things running you’ll get to the point when you can delegate your delegating to a business manager.


Your goal is to delegate the delegation and when you have mastered the art of delegation – the world is your oyster!