Okay, hopefully you have started delegating your jobs properly and now you have endless opportunities before you as you and your assistant get use to working with each other.

What Next?

Exciting isn’t it? You’ve started delegating, you’ve worked out how to do that list, you are giving work to your assistant and your assistant is not only loving it, but excelling at it as well. You’ve caught the bug now – you love making your lists and delegating work, you’re probably trying to find even more work to pass along.

Now you have to work out what YOU want to do! While it’s good to delegate work to others you should also consider how this is going to change your working day – now is the time to think about what you can be doing in your new found spare time.

Having all this *free time* isn’t for you to waste though – there are 3 things you can consider spending this free time on.

  1. Use the time to consider adding to your workload, take on the projects you didn’t think you had time for, take on new clients if you can’t delegate the extra work you can do it yourself and now you are generating new income.
  2. Take some time to build your business up, this will improve its value and increase your opportunities for the future. You could consider increasing your marketing, more positioning, and more vision casting or more branding. Unlike gaining new clients and increasing your revenue immediately this is a way to increase your brand awareness and to bring in new clients, perhaps further down the track you are now focusing on the big picture and looking to increase the long term success of your business.
  3. You can also take this time for yourself, from spending extra time with the family or with friends, you can just take some *me time* instead, cross off items on your *to do* list – all those little jobs you never have time for, from reading a book to spending time cooking up a storm. Whatever brings you joy.

The secret is to spend the time doing something that is valuable for you. If you are going to delegate work to an assistant you need to reap the rewards, if it is building your career or spending time with the family – you need to do what is best for you.

Take Action!

You have your delegating list, now you need to write a list so you can make effective use of your new free time – it’s easy to waste that time, make sure you don’t – spend it wisely!


There are only 24 hours in the day, delegating and freeing up your time is just one way of getting more done and achieving more from your work day.