It is no secret that at Picasso Media Group and the Virtual Assistant Portal we love WordPress. In fact nearly all of the websites we build are on WordPress.

It was whilst listening in on Twitter stream for Word Camp San Francisco 2011, that we noticed an interesting statistic….

“22% of all new domain registrations in the USA are running on WordPress

This is a huge statistic and not surprising at all.

So why should you use WordPress for your small business website?


The main reason we use WordPress for our clients is ease of use. WordPress is a wonderful Content Management System which gives you the ability to update your website as much as you like.  You have complete control over the written content and images.

Most of our clients come to us because their current system is difficult to use and they just don’t have the time to spend on updating it.  The WordPress visual editor makes it so simple to change things.

Search Engine Optimisation

Let’s face it, everyone wants to rank well on Google, and WordPress is awesome when it comes to optimising your website.  Depending on the theme used  SEO options are typically built into your website, which allows you to customise the meta data on each page.

If your theme doesn’t come with SEO options built in there are several plugins available that provide the same functionality.

Cost Effective

Using WordPress for your website lowers the cost considerably since WordPress in itself is actually free.  All you need to do is organise your domain, hosting and the design of your website and you are set to go (aside from writing your content of course).


WordPress has a huge following on the web and there is so much information out there to support you. There are articles, forums, training sessions, ebooks and much more.


WordPress in itself is so simple (which of course is ultimately the beauty of it).  There are also many plugins available for use that will enhance and extend the functionality of your website. There really are thousands of plugins to choose from, some free and some paid.

So, what do you love about using WordPress?