What Now

Okay, hopefully you have started delegating your jobs properly and now you have endless opportunities before you as you and your assistant get use to working with each other. What Next? Exciting isn’t it? You’ve started delegating, you’ve worked out how to do that list, you are giving work to your assistant and your assistant […]

Juggling Your Real Life and Your Online Business

Many woman business owners tell me they are struggling with the stress of working, day to life and the raising of a family. Many people get so caught up in the day to day, and forget to step back and look at the big picture. If your husband and kids need your attention, you need to […]

Why Chose WordPress for your online business website

Why would you choose WordPress for your website? Apart from WordPress being user friendly and simple to use – according to WordPress over 17% of websites on the Internet USE WordPress – you have to admit that is a pretty impressive number! By the time you read this that number has probably increased as more […]

4 Steps to Finding Time to start your Online Business

A lot of mums around the world right now are dreaming of having their own passive income source that they can use to fund the life they want.The problem is that many of us do not think we have time to do this. As online business mums we need to change our opinion of time. Instead […]

Erase your fears about starting your own business

Overriding Fear of Success Fear of success is common, but most of us don’t recognise it and ascribe it to fear of failure. It is much easier to handle failure than success. If you fail you lick your wounds and go off in a different direction. Quite quickly you and your failure are forgotten. But […]