Delegating work you don’t enjoy

It is possible to make more money by delegating some of your work to other people, especially those who charge less than you do. This will also allow you to get more done, of course there is the other aspect to delegating – to be able to pass along the work you don’t like doing, […]

Helping Entrepreneurs Delegate

How many times have you heard someone say – *I can delegate jobs, but I am still flooded with work that I just can’t delegate* Sadly most entrepreneurs feel that projects that are valuable or complex can’t be given to someone further down the line. Look at your projects While those complex jobs are valuable […]

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Thanks to David Newton from Entrepreneurs Sydney for this lowdown on what it means to be an entrepreneur. With so much talk about entrepreneurs in the news each day – I feel its best that we know what or who an entrepreneur actually is? You see when I was in my 20′s during the 1980′s […]