Delegating work you don’t enjoy

It is possible to make more money by delegating some of your work to other people, especially those who charge less than you do. This will also allow you to get more done, of course there is the other aspect to delegating – to be able to pass along the work you don’t like doing, […]

WordPress Coaching

If you had your very own blog and website – what would you share with your new world-wide audience? Do you know YOU – yes YOU can learn how to not only build but RUN a very successful WordPress site. Okay, you are thinking, I don’t have the technical know-how, only computer geeks can build […]

Best Newsletter Success Strategies

by Linda Claire Puig No other tool has as much marketing mojo as the newsletter. Nothing like starting with a bold statement! But just consider a few of the marketing “tasks” a good newsletter performs: Positions you as a trusted expert and reinforces your credibility. Activates your existing referral sources and introduces you in a […]

Welcome to Coaches VA – Virtual Assistance for your Business

Are you a coach or trainer wanting to get more from your business? Our team of highly skilled virtual assistants can assist you with the running of your business. CoachesVA is dedicated to providing high quality, efficient virtual administration services, for your business with experience and understanding of the specialised needs of coaches and trainers. Have you come to the […]

CoachesVA – When your client doesn’t pay!

Published on empoweronline by Noel Posus Clients reach out to you because you made yourself available. You in some way said, “I’m here to help.” That’s enough for most clients to jump at the chance and take you up on your generosity particularly at a time when they feel they really need the support. That […]