What is a Super VA?

I often hear people ask, do Super Virtual Assistants really exist? And *if* they do – do I really need one. Well, I can assure you Super VA’s not only exist, they are pretty easy to find as well, how do I know?? Simply because I AM a Super VA! A lot of people who […]

Why your business needs its own blog?

If you have a business website – you need a blog! Sadly many business owners fall into the trap of thinking they don’t NEED a blog, that they have nothing to write about and that no one will bother to read it. It doesn’t matter if you are not the world’s best author or you […]

10 Personality Types You Don’t Want Managing Your Social Media

First published by Mike Morgan – who has written 20 posts on High Profile Enterprises. It is absolutely essential that your social media business pages are managed by someone who understands your brand, your company philosophies and the goals of the social media campaign. Too often we see the reins being passed to a junior […]

Best Newsletter Success Strategies

by Linda Claire Puig No other tool has as much marketing mojo as the newsletter. Nothing like starting with a bold statement! But just consider a few of the marketing “tasks” a good newsletter performs: Positions you as a trusted expert and reinforces your credibility. Activates your existing referral sources and introduces you in a […]