What is a Super VA?

I often hear people ask, do Super Virtual Assistants really exist? And *if* they do – do I really need one. Well, I can assure you Super VA’s not only exist, they are pretty easy to find as well, how do I know?? Simply because I AM a Super VA! A lot of people who […]

WordPress Coaching

If you had your very own blog and website – what would you share with your new world-wide audience? Do you know YOU – yes YOU can learn how to not only build but RUN a very successful WordPress site. Okay, you are thinking, I don’t have the technical know-how, only computer geeks can build […]

Why Chose WordPress for your online business website

Why would you choose WordPress for your website? Apart from WordPress being user friendly and simple to use – according to WordPress over 17% of websites on the Internet USE WordPress – you have to admit that is a pretty impressive number! By the time you read this that number has probably increased as more […]

How you can make your site social media ready

Social marketing is here to stay. Social media – it’s something you can’t avoid. While social media can boost your business – it’s time consuming – especially when you want to do it properly – BUT – you will gain loyalty, a fan following, brand awareness and most importantly increases your sales and profits! So […]

A bone to pick – Website Design

You know that website that you have? Oh, you helped design it? Yes, I see how that menu looks all cool. Flash, you don’t say? Your website can say a lot about you and your brand. I know a lot of people pay a lot of good money for a site, only to have it […]