Copywriting for your Website or Blog

Blog copywritingDo you own a website? Are you looking at setting up a website for your business? Are you looking to make-over an existing website? It doesn’t matter what stage you are with your website – from a brand new site to a re-vamp, you NEED to have a professional copywriter write the content for your site.

Website content needs to be attention grabbing, easy to read, and straight to the point.

Why you need to hire a Virtual PA copywriter

  • You’ve got enough to do already – a copywriter means you won’t have to do the job yourself and this leaves you free to do the other things you need to do for your business
  • It takes just seven seconds to grab a person’s attention – do you or your staff have the skills to capture a reader in seven seconds?
  • A copywriter/content writer can write faster than you, they will do all the boring research and write content that is crisp and easy to read.
  • A copywriter/content writer provides text for your site that is clear and concise and that is perfect for those visitors to your site who *skim* pages to find the information they require. Copywriters write from the reader’s point of view without the technical jargon that puts people off.
  • Copywriters/content writers write in plain English, every page or blog is written by a real person and not a computer generated programme that is often full of mistakes or sentences that don’t make sense. Remember most sites have competition and visitors will quickly leave a site that is full of mistakes or is too hard or boring to read.
  • Hiring a copy writer on an article need basis is cheaper than hiring a copywriter on staff. For those who choose to write for themselves, think of everything else you can be doing instead of staring at a blank screen wondering where to start first.

SEO Blog Writing ServicesA Virtual PA copywriter saves you time and money while making your site look professional and easy to read.

BLOGGING is one of the most important *tools* you can use on your site – no matter what your business, product or service is if you can interact with your customers, or give them a reason to visit your page it’s not helping your business to grow. If you don’t have a blog page on your site – it’s time to get started, without a blog page on your site – you are simply getting left behind!

  • You don’t have to be – or have – a professional designer many blogging platforms such as Hubspot or WordPress are user friendly and you don’t need any web designer or graphic designer skills to use one
  • A Blog is the perfect way to connect with customers and potential customers, you can share information in an easy to read format that in turn helps promote your business
  • According to a Hubspot survey 60% of businesses who have a blog page on their site attract more customers
  • A blog gives your business a *voice* where you can talk about new products, services or provide articles about the industry or service you offer.
  • A Blog can share your tips, tricks and expertise
  • A blog can generate a conversation with your readers by providing them with a chance to provide feedback or ask questions
  • Blogs keep you focused on your marketing strategy – if you create a schedule and stick to it customers will know what to expect of you.
  • Blogs create some free PR and what business doesn’t like that!
  • Build confidence with your customers by adding a blog, if they see you know what you’re writing about they will come to you for advice.
  • Think of your blog as a cost effective marketing tool – every blog cements your expertise and advertises your services or products

If you are thinking of adding a blog to your page, our Virtual PA Blog writer recommends at least 3 x 300 word blogs per week for your site, this provides regular content – people who visit a site and see there hasn’t been much activity for months will simply visit the next site…

300 words are long enough for a good article and short enough that a visitor will stay and read, too long and people simply won’t bother staying.

Get Started Now

Premium Blog package includes:

3 x 300 word SEO friendly blog articles per week
Final blog posts uploaded to your wordpress website, including SEO keywords, high quality image
Short url of your articles, with a teaser summary of the article for use on social media sharing sites.

PRICE: $125 per week.
1 Year package = $5200 Should you wish to pay a yearly instalment, I can offer discount off this of 30%, making it $3640 for the year. You can take this up at anytime.

Starter Blog package includes:

1 x 300 word SEO friendly blog article per week
Final blog post uploaded to your WordPress website, including SEO keywords, high quality image
Short url of your article, with a teaser summary of the article for use on social media sharing sites.

PRICE: $65 per week.