Facebook is at it again! Yes, they’ve once again made another change to the way your timeline appears.

If you’ve been following conversations, you may have already realised this change was occurring and initiated your new look profile yourself. However, if you didn’t, you may have been shocked when Facebook automatically switched you over.

Your new look timeline basically shows everything you have done on Facebook in a year by year set out.If you’re like many others who are now totally baffled by this new look, here are some tips to help you get through.

Your Profile Cover is the wide space at the top of your timeline. You will need to find a picture that represents you and/or your business. Some suggest leaving this neutral (not using it as business advertising) and adding your business logo as a profile picture, but it’s totally up to you. Look at other business pages to see what they’ve done and follow their lead.

Your Status’ will take up a lot of your timeline. Continue to use these exactly how you would have in the past. These become like a walk down memory lane as time progresses.

Edit What You Share on Your Status! Sometimes you may look back on a status and think, ‘Ugh, what was I thinking’… Take some time to go through and delete any status’ that you don’t want the world reading.

The timeline navigator will help: If you are trying to search back through your statuses, you should use the navigator on the right hand side. This allows you to find things by month and year.

If you need a hand understanding your new look profile, contact us today!