questions_to_ask_virtual_assistantWhen you are thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant the interview is still a very important part of the process as it gives you an idea of what it may be like to work with this person. Try and make the interview slightly casual and not so formal and rigid while still making time for those work-related questions that you need answered. By relaxing the interview process just a little you will be more likely to receive honest answers – not scripted replies – to help you evaluate your applicant better.

There are basically 5 simple questions you should ask the VA during the interview:

  1. What are your goals? This will help you find out if the VA and you are *on the same page* and if he or she has goals similar to yours.
  2. Why do you think you are perfect for the job? This allows the VA to outline any skills they have that matches the needs of your company – do they *sell* themselves to you well?
  3. Where were you employed and why did you leave? Knowing the VAs work history will tell you a lot, if they change jobs a lot, get bored easily? Don’t cope well with stress or pressure, what type of work-load they can handle. An honest answer will tell you if they can be relied upon to stay on longer or if he or she will quit if a better opportunity comes along
  4. What are his or her best achievements? – This will help you ascertain the candidate’s priorities in life or the things they consider important in life – from a sporting accomplishment, having a child, or moving forward in their career.
  5. How do you describe yourself? – This helps you understand the VAs attitude, how she or he views themselves in general and if they have a personality that will clash with yours, or she/he is a personality you would work well together with.

Taking the time to have a *glimpse* into your potential VAs personality can tell you a lot about the way they see this opportunity fits into their overall life’s plan and how they work. Notice how these questions have been based on the VAs attitude – rather than their skill. It’s simple – skills are what you learn, while personality or attitude is a lot harder to change.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how you plan the interview as long as you can find out more about the applicant during the interview. Going on first impressions, are they the type of person you are interested in working with in the long term?

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