by Linda Claire Puig

No other tool has as much marketing mojo as the newsletter.

Nothing like starting with a bold statement! But just consider a few of the marketing “tasks” a good newsletter performs:

To derive the most value from such a power-packed tool, you need to know how to use it well, how to use it strategically

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Linda Claire Puig is a newsletter and email marketing expert and founder of , and , which provide coaches and personal development professionals who don’t have time to write – or don’t like to – with high-quality done-for-you article, brochures and newsletters that help them more easily connect with their audience and grow their businesses. She also teaches unique, action-oriented programs on how to create newsletters and use them to make more money. An award-winning writer since 1983, Linda’s articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and newsletters throughout the world. She has produced newsletters for small businesses and professionals since 1990 and has trained thousands of individuals in “the way of the newsletter.”