what-is-a-virtua-assistantYou’re probably wondering – what is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant is simply someone who works for a client – from their own office – they are a fully fledged businesses, working from their home or a small office providing all manner of skills online. Often a Virtual Assistant works for multiple clients anything from a half a day a week right through to 5 days a week.

Virtual PAs can do anything they – or their staff are qualified to do, from typing and bookkeeping to appointment setting. Virtual PAs who work from home usually work Monday to Friday business hours but they can be flexible and provide their services outside these hours for clients who have different needs.

Thanks to the internet Virtual PAs live and work all over the country. You could get book keeping done by a Virtual PA in Perth or appointment setting done by someone living in Melbourne. Virtual PAs can email work from anywhere which allows staff and clients to be half way across the country without it being an issue.

Many Virtual PAs have young families and this allows them to work while looking after children or babies before returning to the workforce, they are disciplined and skilled and still put work first. They are also up to date with using smart phones, laptops, computers and the internet. It is becoming *normal* to work from home and when a business is looking to outsource work – be it a one off job or regular work only a few hours a day or week the Virtual PA or their team are able to step in and complete each job quickly and professionally.

Businesses save money by hiring a Virtual PA as they are freelancers who have their own office or space you pay just for the hours of work done and you don’t have to train an employee, pay sick leave, over time, superannuation etc. This is cheaper than hiring casual staff to perform the same role. As Virtual PAs are freelancers, or contractors with their own business they are motivated to succeed, paid for the work they complete they are eager to provide top quality service, quickly and as there is no commitment – if you are not happy with their work, you simply look elsewhere.

Why use a Virtual PA? The benefits are quite clear:

  1. A Virtual PA is there, ready to start work, she’s not stuck in traffic or late because she missed a bus or train
  2. Since a Virtual PA is in a *virtual world* it doesn’t matter if she lives 5 minutes away or 5000 kilometres away – time and place don’t matter, sometimes a Virtual PA can work for you while you’re asleep.
  3. You don’t have to waste time training a Virtual PA, you’ve picked her for her skills – so she has the expertise and qualifications you already need.
  4. You don’t have to pay a temp agency fee’s to hire staff.
  5. Have you hired a temp only to find she spends spare time making personal calls or reading a book? With a Virtual PA you only pay for the time she spends on your project!

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