Why would you choose WordPress for your website? Apart from WordPress being user friendly and simple to use – according to WordPress over 17% of websites on the Internet USE WordPress – you have to admit that is a pretty impressive number! By the time you read this that number has probably increased as more and more people are turning to WordPress for their business websites.

WordPress has been around since 2003 and has been used primarily for blogging but it’s the versatility of WordPress that makes it perfect for building websites, content management and adding or deleting website content. What makes WordPress such a popular programme is its combination of being incredibly simple and easy to use.

  1. SUPPORT – Being one of the world’s most used Content Management Systems it has a HUGE community of very supportive users and developers, if you have trouble, or a question, just post on the forum and you’ll have an answer almost instantly.
  2. SIMPLE – WordPress is so easy to use, once you have your website designed you can take over and add or delete or change any of your website content without the need to employ any IT specialist staff
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA READY – you can quickly and easily integrate WordPress with other social networking websites such as G+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Tumblr just to name a few – so sharing your content becomes so easy.
  4. FLEXIBILITY – WordPress allows you to build any type of website you want – from a professional portfolio to a blog, a news website, community forum, or professional websites
  5. PUBLISHING – It’s a breeze to publish your content – you can publish your post now or schedule them to be posted hours, days or weeks later. There is a *comments* section that comes built in so readers/followers can post comments on what you have written for feedback or discussion
  6. PLUGINS – with thousands of plugins already available and more being developed you can add a simple or unique plugin to your page to increase the functionality of your site.
  7. THEMES – There are so many themes available – both free and paid that can suit the design of your layout
  8. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISED – Google’s Web Spam team have said that WordPress is the perfect choice – there is so little you need to do as it takes care of 80-90% of those search engine intricacies you need and with SEO plugins available to cover the remaining percentage, your Google ranking requirements are met
  9. EASY TO UPGRADE AND INSTALL – With a 5 minute install you can add it to your computer with one click and upgrading to newer versions is child’s play
  10. BUILD CUSTOM APPLICATIONS – You can build your own custom applications by using URL routing, databases, HTTP requests and user management

If you choose WordPress website development today you’ll give your website a new beginning tomorrow.