Social-Media-Marketing-ready-websiteSocial marketing is here to stay.

Social media – it’s something you can’t avoid.

While social media can boost your business – it’s time consuming – especially when you want to do it properly – BUT – you will gain loyalty, a fan following, brand awareness and most importantly increases your sales and profits!

So what is social media?

Simply put its web based applications that promote your business. Social media includes sites or applications such as Twitter, G+, Facebook, You Tube and more.

How can I make my site social media friendly?

There are many sites out there that can provide you with an embedded code that you use to create a social networking icon on your site. It’s these icons that allow visitors to share what they like about your site with their friends.

Do I use a Facebook Group or Fan Page?

It depends what it is you want to achieve – Fan Pages are great for brands or e-commerce sites and to achieve goals it’s best to update at least once a week. A Group page is a little more personal than a fan page and you do not need to post as often. If you want to keep your *fans* up to date then a fan page is perfect, if you are looking for a site where you can start conversations then a group page is for you.

Do I need to hire a social media consultant?

When you are starting out, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all – when you are just trying to keep your site running the thought of updating to social media sites can seem very time consuming. E-commerce sites ARE benefitting by using social media – so it pays to use it. For those who are too busy, just aren’t sure how to use social media properly, or don’t think they are a good writer and you want to launch a large social media campaign then you need to hire a social media consultant. If you are up to date with social media sites, you’re tech-savvy, you have content all ready to post to social media or to your blog and you are planning only a small campaign, do the work yourself.

Social Media consultants may charge by the hour, or by the project it depends on their rates and availability.

Social media – like it or not – is here to stay, and while it may change over time, it will always be a part of our daily lives. It can let people know you are there, that your product or service exists; this can lead to a stronger relationship with your customer which ultimately leads to increased sales and business growth. Social media can be quite time consuming so be prepared for that, starting a social media campaign is not something that can be entered into lightly – you need to plan your campaign properly and if need be hire an expert to get things started.

Social media is easy to add to your site thanks to the codes and icons available online. Remember – plan carefully and choose wisely social media is a great tool that can push your business forward, and like TV and radio you WILL see the benefits of using social media – over time.

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