Many of us fear success – it’s a very common fear amongst people – business people in particular, however some don’t see it as a fear of success, but rather as a failure. Admit it failing is a lot easier to accept than fear is; you lick your wounds, admit to failing and carry on in a different direction. Failure is a lot easier to forget!

Success however comes with more expectations, attention and responsibility. With success comes the need to top your last success, to prove yourself, to show you have what it takes, there is more stress and more expectations.

You need to face you fears head on, you need to get that power back, take responsibility for your life, start living again and turn things around again. It’s the old *get back on the horse*, if you can turn things around for yourself, you can turn things around for those close to you.

Overcoming your fear of criticism is crucial if you want to make your mark, if you give into criticism you give power to others and they win – if you only do something people can’t find fault with, you will achieve little, accomplish nothing and probably if you can’t handle criticism – you won’t even get started.

While you might feel like you have moved past your fear – have you faced it? If you don’t face your fear of criticism then others have won and you haven’t overcome or achieved anything.

Determination, dedication, diligence, devotion, these are just some of the good words associated with beginning your own home based business, the bad words you need to avoid are despair, debt, demise and despondency. Focus on the good words and aim for your goals, remove the bad words if you want to find success in your chosen field.

You need determination to be a success, you need to be dedicated to your goals and it takes a lot of diligence and devotion to make any small business or home based business work.

Only through hard work and dedication can you hope to not only achieve your goals but to erase fears of discouragement and doubts – these are huge problems – or obstacles – you need to overcome when starting your own business.

Remember success does not come quickly it can take many months to achieve, but winning and eventually earning money through your home based business means a need to stay focussed and determined – it is the only way to succeed.