Graphic design & branding

Are you struggling to create a brand identity for your business? Do you want to become the leader in your niche? Do you want to give your brand a fresh now look?

Whatever your reason, our Graphic Designer will work with you to develop a brand that sets your business apart from others, a professional and formal looking branding package, tailored to your business needs:

  • Logo
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Company Brochure design
  • Company Manual template design
  • Word template design
  • Excel template design
  • PowerPoint template design
  • Email signature file creation
  • We also custom invitations for Corporate, Fundraising and Personal events.

Stand Out From The Crowd!

Let us create the ultimate branding package for your business! A Dash of Lime has assisted countless businesses stand out from the crowd with a wide range of branding packages including both web and print elements.

Get your business noticed with Your Virtual PA!


You have the knowledge of your field and you are an excellent communicator of it. All you need now is to establish an Identity for your business.

Who Are You? What Do You Do?

We are living in a fast food society that if we don’t get what we want quick enough we go to the next thing. That’s because there is always a next thing and  business owners will lose the chance to show what they are all about or they fail to communicate their message properly.

Create a Unique Brand that you are Confident in:

Establishing a clear and memorable identity is the first step for your new or current business. Those of you who own your own business may know that customer recognition of your business’s name and logo is important. The clearer your overall business identity is, the more likely your business is to survive and thrive!

It has to be unique, as well as consistently displayed in every aspect of your business. A Graphic Designer will learn about your company and put together a customized look that will help enhance your image.

You will feel more confident representing your business with a Kick @$ Business Card

REMEMBER… Your cheerful and enthusiastic attitude are great ways to impress your client, but how about after you leave?

A well designed business card will bring life back to that first impression the client had of you. If it’s representing your business, then make sure it is the best it can be. A Stand Out design will raise their confidence in you.

Grab your viewers attention with an outstanding layout

A professional layout of your products and services will give your potential clients the confidence to want to give your business a chance. And although you may have the best product or service in the world, you will lose the chance to express that with a weak design.

A Graphic Designer will sit down with you and go over ideas, give direction, and most importantly… offer solutions.

We can design professional graphics and documents for your business to help you convey your specific message (or messages) to your targeted audience.